Certified and still searching? - Patricia Medros Pilates
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Certified and still searching?

Diploma on the wall, certification passed, you know hundreds of Pilates exercises. You may even  have years of teaching under your belt. But does that new client gut punch still jolt you when you realize,

“There’s so much to do! Where do I start?”

Being a great teacher has less  to do with knowing the exercises and more  to do with preparing your client to do the exercises. Otherwise, we run the risk of reinforcing movement patterns in the Pilates studio clients came to us to change!

Is this you?

  • Loving Pilates but lost in an exercise jungle never knowing what to do, why to do it and with whom?
  • Or never getting the out-of-body experience you’ve heard so much about?
  • Or knowing there’s more to Pilates but always feeling it’s out of reach, ephemeral, and only for the “pros”?
  • Does impostor syndrome still haunt you at times (it does me!)?

Let’s get you out of the Pilates sand trap right now!

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