About - Patricia Medros Pilates
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There’s only one way to make real money teaching Pilates and it’s not:

  • Working endless hours
  • Having a perfect body
  • Opening a franchise
  • Being a ballerina
  • Loving gym in high school or
  • Running a hectic, life-consuming studio

It’s becoming irreplaceable.


My mission in life is to help you become the wealthiest and happiest Pilates teacher on the planet. Step-by-step. Over time. And with love.

Teaching Pilates can be a viable, reputable, fulfilling  profession that’ll give you financial and physical freedom. 

When done well.

When you can do it well and teach it well, you choose who to work with and your fees.

That’s the game changer and the money maker.

Originally certified  in the classical method by Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym, NYC, and Juanita Lopez at the Pilates Studio of the Midwest in 1999, my work is strongly influenced by mentors:

  •   Bob Liekens
  •   Anna Magnusson Sogell, DPT
  •   Katie St. Clair
  •   Alex Effer
  •   Madeline Black

and I’m certified in Functional Range Conditioning, FRC®

If it weren’t for these two guys, I’d never have made it here:

  •   Gil Hedley Cadaver Dissection Lab: St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2013, 2015
  •   Julian Baker Cadaver Dissection Lab: St. Andrews University, St. Andrews, Scotland, 2017

Special thanks to my children, Jessica Medros, DPT, and Jonathan Medros, PT, COMT, who continue to be my greatest teachers.

I’ve been a teacher trainer since 2005 (first for Power Pilates) with apprentices from Korea, Australia, Mexico, Israel, the EU, UK, and the USA. International presentations include PMA annual conferences and Balanced Body Pilates on Tour.

I’m located in the heart of Rome and teach in English and Italian.

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