Do Pilates - Patricia Medros Pilates
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You’ve made it
to the top . . .

But is your body stacking up?

  • The idea of Pilates bores you to tears – it didn’t work before and your friends who do it don’t look like they do
  • You’ve got everything covered except your body – have you lost the upper hand here?
  • You cringe being out front hiding behind baggy clothes
  • You’d love to wear your university jeans but bumps and bulges say no way

Then, there’s ageing – belly flab, booty spread, stooped posture, droopy triceps, sallow skin and zapped energy.

I can help you fix it all – miracles happen

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You’re in the right place . . .

High-flying career woman or harried mother of three, get

  • Control of your body
  • A handle on nerves, stress, and overwhelm
  • Head-turning regal posture
  • A nix on aches and pains

Results guaranteed

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