Alumni - Patricia Medros Pilates
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Success Stories


Something Was Missing

My mat classes were popular.  

I had a certificate from a well-known Pilates institute in the USA. 

So why did I enroll in another teacher training program? 


Herniated discs, frozen shoulders, SI joint pain, arthritis, sore knees, hip replacements!


I had no confidence (really, no clue!) how to apply Pilates exercises to help my clients with pain. Then there was the much touted mind-body connection entirely absent from my Pilates experience! It felt to me like a series of nice exercises, but nothing deeper.


So the search was on. I combed the internet and read books, desperate for answers. I tried new exercises, props, and teachers. But still, I knew I was missing something more profound.  


And then out of nowhere I developed lower back pain.  


Best Self

First impression of teacher training at Patricia Medros Pilates? Seriously TOUGH! 


I felt exhilarated! My muscles were working hard, and (much to my surprise) my brain was also totally challenged. I was learning a completely new way of moving. Weekly private lessons with Patricia pushed me to my limits, and I was “fired up!” by the challenge. 


In small group seminars, Patricia taught us the classical Pilates exercises on all apparatus, and the science behind them. Afterwards, I had all opportunity I needed to get deep into the new material weekly lessons, training with peers, solo workouts, teaching clients, and assisting Patricia when she taught others. Each exam I passed was hard-earned, and a reflection of the step change in the abilities I had developed over many months. 


People are surprised I dedicated three years to becoming a Pilates instructor. I say it takes at least this long to embody the work. The same goes for building the many skills needed to create a fulfilling profession.


My Own Studio,
My Own Boss,
My Own Destiny!

Before Patricia Medros Pilates, I worried I might never find my life’s calling. Now I know with certainty I’ve found it. 

After graduating from Patricia Medros Pilates, I opened my own studio in the UK, My studio has many wonderful and committed clients. At Patricia Medros Pilates, I acquired the knowledge and discipline to continue growing as a practitioner, and stay on top of my game as a teacher. I’ve kept in close touch with Patricia, who mentors me through thick and thin, and is always there to provide moral and professional support.

What more can I say? I love feeling that I am making a positive contribution to my community. Owning my own studio, I get to be my own boss, and shape my own future. If all this weren’t enough, I know I’m getting stronger and I feel like I get younger as I age!