About - Patricia Medros Pilates
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I was in your shoes . . . nothing was working

I’d been running to the gym for years — aerobics, weights, you name it. But I never got a “killer” body until I tried classical Pilates in the 1990s.

This Pilates was so earth-shatteringly different that I didn’t have to do anything else.

Since becoming a teacher, more than twenty years ago, I’ve not only gotten my dream body but I’ve had the privilege of transforming the bodies (and self-love) of hundreds of women.

Let me help you feel youthful
(and your true self)
in your own skin again.

My clients tell me that I shouldn’t call what I teach Pilates.
Yes, you’ll get the results you’re looking for from Pilates – and then some.

But for me, Pilates is a martial art that prepares you for the combat of everyday life. Killer body, warm heart, Zen mind, black belt spirit – that defines it. You’ll get strong, focused, determined – and feel ready to face whatever life throws your way. Nonplussed.



Pilates international presenter, approved school founder, teacher trainer, and pathfinder. My mission in life? To help you get the outside that reflects who you are inside: an accomplished, beautiful success.

I learned my craft from Joseph Pilates’ star protégée, Romana Kryzanowska. Since then, over twenty years ago, I’ve been honing my approach. To my daily self-practice and teaching, I apply insights from the latest scientific research.

The result? A method all my own that guarantees:

  • Serious strength
  • A svelte physique
  • Regal posture
  • Boundless upbeat energy
  • A ban on pain
  • Laser beam focus
  • A warm, open heart
  • And, a step-by-step guided program to give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to teach Pilates with unshakable faith in yourself

Home is One Pilates Rome, my boutique studio in the heart of the city.

Hundreds of Pilates professionals have used my method to gain the confidence and know-how to deliver their true gifts as teachers – to help others get the bodies, and lives, they’ve always dreamed of.

My clients thank me for helping them change the image in the mirror to match the one in their mind.

It would be a honor to help you, too.

Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Germany,
Switzerland, Poland, the UK and the USA
Pilates gets life-changing results wherever you are!

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